It’s easy for a close relationship or your work environment to have developed some not-so-successful habits.

Maybe your friendship never developed the practices to give awkward but necessary feedback about how you’re truly feeling. Perhaps your communication flowed beautifully for a couple years, but now you’ve avoided sharing a vulnerable need because you don’t want to risk a fight.

As an organization, you may have delighted in our efforts to shift toward more collective decision making, but now feel frustrated when your collective efforts feel regularly stalled or even in a free fall toward failure. Or perhaps you’ve moved into greater leadership and feel both inspired and lost about how to change the most frustrating of workplace policies.

Wherever you feel frustrated in relationship, I can help you develop more skillful habits. And in changing your habits, the relationships around you have more opportunity to change with you.

To midwife change is to cultivate conditions that make transition not only possible, but irresistible.

Are you personally ready for new habits in how you relate to others? Do you work in an organization that feels both poised and stuck to make change?

Contact me at for a free 30-minute consultation to see if we would be a good fit to midwife change together!


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