To midwife change is to spawn transition.

To incubate transformation.

To cultivate revolution.

A change midwife alchemizes emotional, technical, and spiritual wisdom to transition from old to new. From stuck to flowing. From wounded to healing.

Sometimes that’s bringing deep emotional presence, when budgeting plans are stuck because of class-based values conflicts between the people on the budgeting committee.

Other times that’s seeding body-based spirit-caring practices into the cultural practices of cross-movement political organizing, in ways that are slow enough and caring enough to respect the intimate, vulnerable wounds of religious fundamentalism and Christian hegemony.

It’s listening for screams of broken organizational infrastructure when people show up in conflicts of power, and easing the tensions through gentle adjustments to the organizational ecosystem.

It’s taking full stock of how to change our individual behaviors that reinforce white supremacy culture, without reinforcing fatphobic diet culture tools for behavior change.

Are you ready to midwife change?

Work with Me

Are you personally ready for new habits? Is your organization in need of a pivot?

Coaching: You have a lot of power to make change, whether you are in a formal leadership role or are positioned to have a clear picture about how things work. I offer a lot of reliable strategies to build your power and change how you show up within groups — with compassion that changing ourselves is a complex process amidst cultures that shame us for being who we are.

Training: Your people can build new habits and cultures together. I train in workplaces and community groups, particularly around , leaning into conflict for relationship building, healing collective historical wounds, and building new cultures of feedback.

Consulting: Your organization can structure itself so that power flows in more equitable and meaningful ways. I consult with groups to assess how power currently moves through organizations and work through plans to transform into new forms.


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