About Dawn

A 5th generation Hoosier now living in California, Dawn Haney has been organizing, teaching, and writing for 20 years, on feminism, white anti-racism, violence prevention, direct action, public health, spirituality, and more. They took a Health Behavior graduate degree from the University of Georgia and alchemized it into their role as a change midwife, using their mix of powers as a white, fat, queer, neurodivergent, nonbinary femme to lead and coach social justice organizations to build power in frontline communities. Previously a Co-Director of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, she co-instigated Fat Rose to develop a community of fat radicals to embed fat politics across the political left.

As the Change Midwife, Dawn shares advice and coaching about the messy, complicated, and beautiful process of how organizations and groups change. Through a soon-to-launch advice column, coaching cohorts, and private consulting, Dawn supports leaders to nurture changes that lead to more justice, healing, power, and liberation.