About Dawn

About Dawn

I’m a feminist change consultant committed to helping communities and organizations learn how to navigate change while attending to dynamics of identity and power. I coach, teach, and advise on the messy, complicated, and beautiful process of how individuals, organizations, and groups change. I braid together wisdom from Buddhism, social justice, and psychology traditions, and alchemize this with my own experiences as a white, fat, queer, nonbinary femme to support your change process.

I have been organizing, coaching, teaching, and writing for 20 years, on feminism, white anti-racism, spirituality, leadership, and liberation. As a leader in justice-leaning organizations such as the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Sexual Assault Services Organization, and Human Impact Partners, I found myself shifting organizational culture, structure, and values toward greater practices of justice. My graduate degree in Health Behavior from the University of Georgia offered key insights into the psychology and social determinants of behavior change that support longer-term organizational change. My study of meditation practice and Buddhist principles since 2003 offers additional windows into shifting people’s most ingrained habits. I have completed Spirit Rock Meditation Center’s 2-year Community Dharma Leader training program and East Bay Meditation Center’s Practice in Action and Commit 2 Dharma programs, which support my capacity to integrate mindfulness into this work where appropriate.

With my advice column The Resourceress, more personalized support to Midwife Change, or my public teaching and writing on spirituality and social justice, I support leaders and changemakers to nurture shifts that lead to more justice, healing, power, and liberation.

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