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Photo by Leslie Mah

Fat Liberation


Cultivating new fat liberation movements: growing a movement ecology with Fat Rose, written with Max Airborne and Charis Stiles (Fat Studies)

Our Own Fat Roots: Dawn’s Story (Fat Rose)

Glory: The Fattest Love of All Performance (Reclaim UGLY)

Diet Culture Feeds White Denial (Fat Rose)

What will your fat body disrupt? / Fuck the Police (Fat Rose)

Our Friend Stacey Milbern Lived a Vanguard Life (Fat Rose)

Fatties Against Fascism Rise Up to Close the Camps(National Association for the Advancement of Fat Acceptance)

No Body is Disposable! Fat and Disability Communities Join Powers to Close the Camps (Association for Size Diversity and Health) 


Media Coverage of Organizing & Action

 Midwest-Southern Fat Organizing Convening, October 2020 (Fat Rose)

California Care Rationing Coalition Press Conference, May 2020 (Fat Rose)

NoBody Is Disposable: Even during a Pandemic, Fatphobia Won’t Take a Day Off, April 2020 (Bitch Magazine article)

PG&E We Need Power to Live, Dec 2019 (VIDEO, Democracy Now article, PHOTOS)

KPFA Pushing Limits:  Close the Camps – Protest Coverage, Aug 2019  (AUDIO & links

Obesity Didn’t Kill Kayla Moore, Berkeley Police Did, Jan 2015 (PHOTO)


Buddhism + Social Justice

Curriculum & Teaching

Dharma of Being Anti-Racist, led by Rev. Liên Shutt, co-facilitated with Dalila Bothwell, Linda González, Rev. Sarah Emerson, and Rev. Charlie Pokorny, April-August 2021, Spirit Rock Meditation Center

U Mad? Wisdom for Rageful Times, co-produced with Katie Loncke and Kate Johnson, Buddhist Peace Fellowship

What’s My Role in the Revolution? A Spiritual + Political Day of Practice, co-produced with LiZhen Wang, Kate Johnson, and Katie Loncke; Buddhist Peace Fellowship

White Awareness Insight Curriculum for Uprooting Privilege (WAIC UP!): A Dharma and Racism Study Program, co-produced with Max Airborne, Kristin Barker, Janusz Welin, Crystal Johnson, and Bob Agoglia

The System Stinks 2014 Curriculum, co-produced with Katie Loncke,Buddhist Peace Fellowship

The System Stinks 2013 Curriculum, co-produced with Katie Loncke, Buddhist Peace Fellowship



6 Buddhist Leaders Reflect on the US Midterms and What Comes Next, with 5 others, Lion’s Roar

Waking Up After the Election,  Buddhist Peace Fellowship

What Do Buddhists Do When Police Dominate Pride?  Buddhist Peace Fellowship

Can we critique US militarism when we benefit from it? Buddhist Peace Fellowship

Towards Collective Liberation, or Why We Won’t Stop Talking About Racism,  Buddhist Peace Fellowship

Is it possible to unravel racism in mostly white US Buddhist centers?  Buddhist Peace Fellowship

Occupying the Present Moment, with Sarah Weintraub and Jacks McNamara,  Buddhist Peace Fellowship


Media Coverage of Organizing & Action

Activists Lock Down Entrances to Urban Shield, Over Five Hundred Community Members Mobilize, 23 Arrested, Sep 2016 [IMAGE, article ]

BPF Among 14 Faith Leaders Arrested in Solidarity Action with 14 #BlackLivesMatter Activists [article, VIDEO]

Anti-Fracking Activists Call Out Governor Jerry Brown, Feb 2015 [VIDEO, article]

Buddhist Blockade Against Police Militarization, Aug 2014 [ VIDEO, article ]

BPF Vows To “Marry The Movement,” Oct 2013 [VIDEO]


Group Process

Make Meetings a Refuge, Buddhist Peace Fellowship

Leadership as Practice,  Buddhist Peace Fellowship

Why Guerrilla Theater? A Behind the Scenes Look at “Who Speaks?”  Buddhist Peace Fellowship

We See Only Part of the Elephant: Collective Leadership at BPF,  Buddhist Peace Fellowship

I Hate “The System Stinks”  Buddhist Peace Fellowship

Education for Social Change between Feminist and Post-Colonial Theories in Community and the World: Participating in Social Change (2003), Torry Dickinson (Ed). New York: Nova Science Publishers.  


Trauma Healing & Resilience Building

Kavanaugh Killed Our Practice: What Survivors Need from Meditation Teachers,  Buddhist Peace Fellowship

May We Be the Adults that Kids Need: Healing Practices to Avoid Burnout,  Buddhist Peace Fellowship

“Sexual Assault” chapter in A Thousand Hands: A Guidebook to Caring for Your Buddhist Community by Nathan Michon and Daniel Clarkson Fisher  

Wages for Self Care: What Falls Apart When We Demand Compensation for Unpaid Reproductive Labor?  Buddhist Peace Fellowship

Self-Care is Not Enough: Learning to Build Communities of Care,  Buddhist Peace Fellowship

 Safety, Sanctuary, Refuge: Session 1 of Refuge & Resistance,  Buddhist Peace Fellowship


Header photo by Aneeta Mitha